2019 Sewing Challenges

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Sewing Up a Storm in 2019

I’ve been on the hunt for fun, educational sewing challenges for 2019. Oh wait, I should probably tell you what has been going on in my world thus far.


I accepted a full-time day job working with medical records and it’s been a journey! During this past week I finally closed the doors to my online business management business that I had been running since 2006. Though I’ve taken brief breaks throughout these years, it wasn’t until this week that I finished designed and scheduled my very last clients newsletter. It was bitter sweet but also absolutely necessary in order to move forward with the ‘My Sewing Needle’ business plan.


Saying good-bye to my virtual services business means saying hello to my sewing business. Change is not always without tears, in fact, I have shed quite a few tears over the last few weeks of this new year and you might as well know, I’m not a ‘change is thrilling’ type of person…in fact, change is not something I embrace well. All in all I’m excited to move forward with all of the sewing plans and plan to incorporate more education, outreach and of course, FUN!


I would like to invite you to join my tiny world as I grow from a technical business into a personal business; as I learn how to live in a new State and find my voice among the many in my field of expertise.

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Sewing and Your Brain Health

So, I’ve been hand and machine sewing for 30 + years and have found it to be my ‘go-to’ destresser activity.  Obviously, if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest you’ll notice I am a huge arts and crafts advocate and believe these activities are good for the brain and overall wellness of a person. Well, in my true nerd fashion I gave Google a quick search to see if I can find any scientific proof to back-up my thoughts.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a few really good articles to share with you. If you’re interested in reading the articles in their entirety, be sure to click on the link that is located within the “quoted” area.  OH! Hey, be sure to join my newsletter to stay in touch with me 🙂


I was thinking about the rich interconnections between brain development and how we use our hands this morning.  I was building an arbor for my garden out of some old futon parts I had scavenged and some joists taken from our roof.  It was a rough, but satisfying job, involving an hour’s work and ending in a lovely entrance to my garden.  I was not working with plans, just measuring and adjusting and cutting the evolving project as I went.  I work that way a lot on projects of all sorts.  Whenever I do, I thank the hours and hours and hours I spent sewing Barbie clothes as a kid. SOURCE: Psychology Today


It is very meditative and helps you to stay or become calm and relaxed. It helps to reduce stress and ruminating thoughts. When you are sewing, you are basically forced to concentrate on one thing alone. You are fully immersed in your project. You have to go step-by-step SOURCE: This Blog Is Not For You


Sewing encourages mindfulness and reduces stress and anxiety. The meditative action of sewing encourages positivity and feelings of relaxation. Being forced to concentrate on one particular task enables you to become immersed in a situation and truly unwind. SOURCE: MindFood


SEW (get it, so … sew??) Okay, anyways, there you have it. Some scientific evidence of how arts and crafts, sewing and quilting, are in some way healthy for your total wellbeing. If you needed a creative excuse to buy more fabric, notions, or another great tool, you can use some of these facts to back up your purchase.




Sudden Grief and The Invisible Brick Wall

Sudden Grief and The Invisible Brick Wall


I really debated (with myself) all day long as to whether or not I should blog about what happened to me today. Well, as you can see, I decided that it might just be helpful to another grieving mom to know that she is not alone in this journey.

Today is Sunday, November 25, 2018, and I woke-up doing just fine. Then, just out of nowhere came that ‘invisible brick wall”, that darn thing just pop-ups out of nowhere! So to share with you exactly what happened, here ya go!

Walking down the hall to my bedroom I felt an overwhelming and crushing sense of grief and then it came flooding back to me…that dreadful day 17 years..this exact day! I could smell the hospital, hear the slight breathing of my sleeping toddler laying on my chest and the heaviness in my arms as had to lay her on the bed for life flight to take her to Akron Children’s Hospital. It truly felt as if I was reliving this moment! So weird for me!!


It’s been years since I’ve felt this deepness of grief! Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorrow throughout the year with the normal milestones of life and celebrations…but NOTHING like I’ve been dealing with today!

I take very special care of what type of movies I watch, music I listen to and even company I keep so I can say that today’s issues had nothing to do with anything external.


John 14:18 King James Version (KJV)

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.



As I was in the kitchen cooking, and fighting back the tears I had a random thought…random powerful thought, “Why, for this moment, can’t I disconnect my mind from my heart”.  But then, why would I? 

Digging My Heels In!

I will not waver in my faith; the Lord has been good to me. Today is just a day for additional spiritual growth for me. I’m very aware of how moments like this (the revisiting of my daughters’ death) and how the Lord uses these moments for growing me. I still ask for prayer, I mean, really I am human and still have to deal with the world around me. Plus, we were all made for relationships and to support one another. During times like this, I make extra time for myself, away from my family whether it’s reading, sewing, or just typing on my blog.


Psalm 23:4

 Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil,

for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.


Press Release: Sentimental Sewing Services in Beaufort, South Carolina


Media Contact:

Stephanie Grams





Making Memories Last

How one local mom helps others keep their memories alive


BEAUFORT, SC, OCTOBER 11, 2018– Stephanie Grams, an Ohio native relocated to Beaufort, South Carolina with her family and brought her 35 years of sewing experience with her. Grams’ offers custom, affordable sentimental sewing services and is available to teach small groups how to sew.


Stephanie grew up fascinated while she watched her mother and grandmother sew. One day while ‘underfoot’ Stephanie’s grandmother handed her some fabric scraps, needle, and thread with a 5-minute hand sewing instruction lesson on how to sew Suffolk puffs (also known as yo-yo’s). Stephanie hasn’t put the needle down ever since that day.


Stephanie’s passion led her to become a sole owner and operator of her own sewing business. She has participated in several events with her talent including church events, 4-H, Girl Scouts, Homeschooling groups and events with the performing arts center in her native town of New Philadelphia, Ohio.  Today Stephanie offers beginners sewing lessons and sells her folk art and primitive creations online while offering memory bear sewing services to bereaved individuals.


“Our sentimental sewing services are for those who wish to preserve their favorite pieces of clothing from collected over the years. Additionally, we are experienced in handling worn and dated fabrics that were once worn by your loved ones.” Grams says, “We are excited to announce that we offer three popular sentimental, memory product lines, which include:”

  • Memory Bears
  • Memory Pillows and Pillowcases
  • T-shirt and/or Clothing Blankets

My Sewing Needle, owned and operated by Stephanie Grams, offers sentimental and memory sewing services and is available for ‘learn to sew’ classes and workshops. Contact Stephanie Grams via her website, e-mail, or business phone. ##


This press release is also available as a pdf download by clicking “My Sewing Needle, Press Release”

Sentimental Christmas Gifts 2018

It’s October 3 but to those of you who are already giving Christmas gifts a thought you might be feeling stressed, confused or even heart palpitations! ..Okay, so that’s a little off the wall but I know that the older my children get (all four are adults now!) the harder it is to come up with a useful and meaningful gift. I mean, they could always use gift cards and cash but I would like to have something more meaningful for each of them to have and keep for their future family.


I think it’s safe to say that today’s gift givers are looking for a more meaningful gift to give our loved ones and what better gift than that made of a sentimental piece of clothing? Since I began offering sentimental sewing services such as memory bears and memory pillows, it came to my attention that many of my customers would like to have a matching memory blanket made…so today I am offering memory blanket sewing services!



Memory bears, memory pillows/pillowcases, and blankets can be made from combining your favorite dress, suit, ties, shirts, uniforms, blankets…just about anything you or your loved one used to wear. Don’t worry about holes or stains, I can work around those! Please know that to ensure CHRISTMAS DELIVERY I must have your clothing and your payment by October 20, 2018


T-Shirt Blankets


Memory Bears 

Memory Bear Pricing

Single Memory Bear $75.00 plus shipping
Groups of 2 memory bears or more $50.00 each plus shipping

Memory Blanket/Memory Quilt Pricing







  • Lap = 4 ft. W  x 4 ft.L = 16 panels = $90
  • Twin = 4 ft.W x 6 ft.L  = 24 panels = $110
  • Full = 5ft.W x 6 ft.L =  30 panels = $130
  • Queen = 7 ft. Wx 7 ft. L =  49 panels = $190
  • King = 8 ft. Wx 8 ft. L = 64 panels = $240


  • SMALL : 2.5 ft.W x 3.5 ft. L = 24 panels =  $110
  • MEDIUM: 3 ft. W x 3.5 ft. L = 30 panels = $130
  • LARGE: 4.5 ft. W x 4.5 ft. L = 49 panels = $190
  • EXTRA LARGE: 5 ft. W x 5 ft. L = 64 panels = $240



1 panel equals 1 side of your shirt. If you have a shirt with a picture on the front and the back and you would like to have both panels included in the quilt then you would count that as 2 panels.


Lay-a-Way Options for Christmas 2018

Lay-a-Way Options for Christmas 2018 for Memory Bears and Memory Quilts (Keepsake Blankets)

lay-a-way plan for memory bear orders for 2018! Let’s get your memory bears made and shipped on-time for Christmas!

If you have specific questions, please use the contact page!


Beginning August 29, 2018, until October 1, 2018 (memory bears and/or memory blankets)

1. Get your memory bear and memory blanket order form by clicking here 
2. Private message Stephanie or use our secure contact page to inquire about our mailing address and PayPal link (we keep these private)
3. Mail your clothes and make a payment of 50% (I will send you my secure PayPal link)
4. After I  create your memory bear and/or memory blankets I will invoice you for the remaining amount plus shipping.
6. We ship your memory bears and/or memory blanket
Simple! Quick! Easy!
U.S. Shipping only


Memory Bear Pricing

Single Memory Bear $75.00 plus shipping
Groups of 2 memory bears or more $50.00 each plus shipping

Memory Blanket/Memory Quilt Pricing







  • Lap = 4 ft. W  x 4 ft.L = 16 panels = $90
  • Twin = 4 ft.W x 6 ft.L  = 24 panels = $110
  • Full = 5ft.W x 6 ft.L =  30 panels = $130
  • Queen = 7 ft. Wx 7 ft. L =  49 panels = $190
  • King = 8 ft. Wx 8 ft. L = 64 panels = $240


  • SMALL : 2.5 ft.W x 3.5 ft. L = 24 panels =  $110
  • MEDIUM: 3 ft. W x 3.5 ft. L = 30 panels = $130
  • LARGE: 4.5 ft. W x 4.5 ft. L = 49 panels = $190
  • EXTRA LARGE: 5 ft. W x 5 ft. L = 64 panels = $240



1 panel equals 1 side of your shirt. If you have a shirt with a picture on the front and the back and you would like to have both panels included in the quilt then you would count that as 2 panels.



Memory Bears: How to save money on your orders

Whew! What a month August has been for my family. We moved to South Carolina and are finally unpacking our belongings while trying to get acclimated to the area. I’m excited to see what this winter will be like because last winter we were living in Ohio and let me tell you, it was the worse icy winter I have had in Ohio in years (I was born and raised in Ohio!)

Okay so enough about me, let’s talk to you about another favorite topic of mine….SAVING MONEY on MEMORY BEARS!

I had the nicest person send me a question about pricing and I thought it would be a great idea to share that with you, my readers!


So, typically the price of  (1) memory bear is $75.00 plus shipping and many have asked me about my group pricing and how exactly that works. So, let’s talk!

Group pricing discounts start when you order and pay for three (3) or more memory bears at the same time. Each bear would be $50.00 plus $11.00 shipping (U.S. ONLY)

For easy math let’s say you order 3 bears x $50 each = $150.00 + $11.00 shipping for a grand total of $161.00.

You would print your order form ( located by clicking here) fill it out and include it in the box of clothing. I accept payments via PayPal and will give you that link when you contact me (Stephanie Grams) directly to go over any questions you may have (you can call me or email me).


Great question! Customers like to place the clothing for each bear in a plastic grocery bag and place a piece of notebook paper in the bag with a name, such as “daddy bear” or “pink/blue bear”, etc. Customers typically give each memory bear a name and that’s what I use when creating your custom memory bear keepsake!

Please be sure to visit my Contact Page, FAQ’s page, and Why You Should Trust Me pages 🙂

Until next week, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and that you can find one thing to smile about today ((hugs))



Stephanie Grams –> Read about me here and here~!



Memory Bears in the News: The Club No One Wants to Join, But is Full of Members

Memory Bears and the Club No One Wants to Join


This blog post is a mix of real-life experiences as a publicity assistant and a child loss mom. I was reading a story written from another newspaper on how a mom had a stillborn daughter and the hospital gave her and her family a special bassinet that had a hidden cooling pad in it so she and the family could spend 48 hours with their deceased child. The story went on to say that they had the ashes of the deceased child placed into a memory bear keepsake that was created from the child’s siblings baby outfit and blanket.

The Broken Mother’s Club

It’s not a club any mom wants to join, yet it has members joining daily. The broken mother’s club is what it is called, yet rarely spoken about and as time goes on the members continue to grow and it changes everything because when it happens our first inclination is to shut everything out and not confront our reality because it’s too difficult. If members of the broken mother’s club were more open to honestly dealing with their personal grief and be willing to share their story with other’s who are new to the journey, perhaps we would be able to create an atmosphere where we don’t feel alone.

To Be Honest

To be honest, I was never a teddy bear person, until Hannah passed away, Then in 2002, I began a teddy bear ministry that was introduced to me through a distant cousin of mine. The difference between then and today is that I offer custom memory bear sewing services that are made from your clothing, whereas in the past I used to by ‘off the shelf’ teddy bears. Then this year something changed for me, it was after many years of prayers for a way to reach others with the Love and comfort of Christ through using my gifts and talents. There is still so much to be done in my memory care gift business and on many occasions, I have to step away from the computer and revisit my written plans just to be sure that what is happening is real.  For example, the other day I was speaking with a fellow woman in business who juggles a completely different business than mine, and our paths crossed one day on Facebook when I posted a ‘job wanted’ sign on my wall. We got on the phone and spoke, though the opportunity she presented me was not a good fit, we were able to give one another idea for business outreach and growth.

Super Women-ish

It seems that everywhere you look there is a broken mom, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages, races, and from all walks of life. Some hold their heads up high while others are too weak to hold their heads up at all. Their grief can come from a loved one’s death,  the loss of a friend, a pink slip from work, or any other broken relationship that can happen. The blog isn’t just about child loss or bereavement of a child, no, in fact, it’s about grief and learning to heal through any of the life’s promised grievances. One thing we can most likely agree about is that a real superwoman doesn’t wear a cape and a big ‘S’ on her chest…she most likely wears a fake smile and blends in with others. The Broken Mother’s club is open 24/7/365 and has new members entering every second of every day, and if we stop to look around our community I bet we will see a need for a real club that offers friendships, in a non-judgemental way, and offers the real solution to their brokenness.

Standing Ovation

No, I’m not talking about the secular song…I’m talking to you, BROKENHEARTED MOTHER! Every day you wake up and learn to be stronger, learn how to ‘deal’ with everything that once was nothing and has become the very weight that wants to pull you back down. Every day you get out of bed, you are a real hero. Every day you look at your loved one and chose to remember one good moment, you are the hero! Every day you decide to forgive the person who brought you to this time in your life, you are the real hero. I’m not one to give myself a pat on the back, because honestly, my strength comes from Lord and without Him, I would be nothing! So, take this moment and remember that every time you get up, get dressed, and learn to live, someone is giving you a standing ovation!

Memory Bears are Teddy Bears Made from Clothing

What is a Memory Bear?

A memory bear is a stuffed teddy bear made from your favorite clothing or clothing from a loved one that has passed away. Memory bears come in all sizes. The typical size requested is 15″-18″ in length.

How is a Memory Bear Made?

A memory bear, or keepsake teddy bear, is made from a few pieces of your favorite clothing. Most memory bears are made from 3 pieces of clothing or a combination of clothing, ties, and blankets. Your memory bear designer can discuss these details with you before you place and pay for your order.

How long does it take to make a memory bear?

Memory bears can take 7-12 business days depending on the number of memory bears you order. Many people like to place group size orders to save on shipping and many times the memory bear designer will give a discount on large group orders.

Why would I pay for a memory bear when some volunteer for free?

There is a saying that goes, “you get what you pay for” and that means you may never know who the memory bear designer is and may not know what your memory bear will look like until it is delivered to you. There are horror stories of unpleasant looking memory bears being made by volunteers, and the sad truth is, once your favorite piece of clothing is cut, there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Why take the chance on receiving an unsightly memory bear when you could have a beautiful one made for an affordable price?

How do I order a memory bear?

This process of ordering your custom memory bear from Stephanie Grams (My Sewing Needle) is super simple!

  1. You pick out your favorite, freshly laundered clothing (no fabric softener, please)
  2. Shipping them to me with your order form and payment (payments taken through Paypal)
  3. I design and sew your bear according to your request
  4. I ship your bear back to you!

We have a dedicated page for ordering processes and FAQ 

How much is a memory bear?

Our memory bears are frugally priced at $75.00 and INCLUDES SHIPPING  (UNITED STATES ONLY). The memory bear is packaged nicely and ready to be given as a gift (or keep for yourself), shipped via USPS with basic insurance and a tracking number. I will send you the tracking number so you can track your memory bear!

Do you have pictures of your memory bears?

Yes, I have pictures of my memory bears and testimonials!



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Memory Care Gift Ideas for Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Memory Care Gift Ideas for Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Today’s blog post is going to steer away from my regular blog topic of being a bereaved mom to that of having a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

My paternal grandmother, the one that was an integral part of teaching me how to sew and be a crafty soul, who ended up with Alzheimer’s. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are three stages of Alzheimer’s; mild, moderate, and severe.

I remember the first signs of Alzheimer’s in my grandmother was when she would buy cat food thinking it was tuna fish for human consumption. About that same time, she began displaying unusual acts such as stealing silverware from restaurants and carrying them in her purse, and stealing pictures of unrelated people and saying they were pictures of her boyfriend. As you can imagine this caused some family turmoil and heartache. I remember watching her go ‘downhill’ quickly and feeling like I was watching a slow death happen right in front of me, or at least what I compare to slow death. You have to give me grace because I was a young and this happened in the mid-1990’s when there was no internet, not television commercials and definitely very little education.

When thou passest through the waters,
I will be with thee;
and through the rivers,
they shall not overflow thee:
when thou walkest through the fire,
thou shalt not be burned;
neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. ~ Isaiah 43:2

For a short while, she lived with my family until one day she decided she was “going home”. She proceeded to put on her winter coat and boots (it was 90 degree’s outside) and leave. Our house was on a very busy road that was connected to a major highway, needless to say, I followed her and carefully got her back to the house unharmed. It was at that time we knew there had to be some help, we just didn’t know where to look. I’m so thankful that there are memory care facilities that specialize in the hands-on care that those living with Alzheimer’s can live safely, other than nursing homes.

Nursing Home

While my grandmother lived in the nursing home almost an hour away from our house, we would make a visit to her every week. During her few years there and as she progressively grew worse, we would make sure she had some items familiar to her. The moment she lost her ability to speak was the most traumatic for me, personally, because I knew that I would never be able to hear her voice again. I could see her smile, hold her hand, hug her and feed her and though those are all the ways we communicate, there was just something so heartbreaking knowing I would never hear her voice again.

We made sure to bring memory care gifts to my grandmother on a regular basis once we learned that other residents would walk off with her gifts. I believe that the memory care facilities that are available these days have a better system in place to be sure that each resident has the ability to keep their personal items within their own rooms.

Here are a few memory care gifts that we brought to her:

  1. Pictures – we made copies of pictures that she has in her house, being sure to keep the originals in a safe place. Scrapbooking was not popular or readily available as it is now, so a scrapbook would be perfect and more durable.
  2. Clothing – she loved the color mauve so we did what we could to find mauve colored clothing.
  3. Toys– she loved cats and we noticed how she perked up when we bought her a replicated a real cat. Oh, how she loved that toy!

Now that I provide memory care gift sewing services, I know how sentimental her favorite, handmade dresses and blouses mean. I do not have a way to get those pieces of clothing back, but if I could, I would have made memory bears for all of her grandchildren. I think that thing that drives me to create one of a kind memory bears for families is because


Stephanie Grams, Christian Blogger Mom on topics of lifestyle, bereavement, child loss and healing, and how to give gifts of encouragement during life’s storms. Stephanie is available for podcast and video interviews, public speaking, and guest blogging. Did you get your free pdf journal? It’s free when you join my newsletter! #mysewingneedle