5 Gifts Ideas for Those Who Are Grieving

Gift Giving for any occasion can is stressful enough but when you are buying for someone who is grieving, it can cause additional stress. What if you are the one grieving and the one shopping? This can cause additional stress for you, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a list of ideas that were specifically geared for those who are grieving? The grief and memorial gift ideas listed below can be found online, and are created for shoppers just like you.

When my daughter passed away (she was 14 months old) it was a few days after Thanksgiving and it was also during the Christmas shopping season, as you can imagine I was completely heartbroken and still expected to Christmas shop for my other children. I was in such a state of shock and heartbreak that I could not think straight, I just could not wrap my mind around Christmas shopping. I so wished I had a gift guide this one to have helped me and help my loved ones with gift ideas. On the other hand, losing my child also caused my relatives to question what gift to buy me. It really was a time of overwhelm and loneliness.

5 Gifts Ideas for Those Who Are Grieving

  1. Memory Bears – memory teddy bears are made out of the clothes of your loved one and offer a tangible way to remember the one who has passed. Memory Bears are often kept in the family as a keepsake and passed down throughout the family.
  2. Memory Pillows – memory pillows are often made from the shirts or blouses of the deceased loved one and include a poem. Memory pillows also offer a tangible way to remember your loved one and give a special type of comfort to the person who is grieving.
  3. Grief and Memorial Gift Boxes- these gift boxes are often curated with the option to choose a variety of handpicked and handmade items of high value and excellent quality. Grief and Memorial Boxes make a great gift for the gift receiver who is experiencing extreme loneliness or could use an ‘I remember’ you gift during different times of the year.
  4. Memory Quilts – memory quilts or blankets are made from a variety of items such as shirts, robes, dresses, blankets, and other clothing that your loved one once wore. These types of memory items are often costly but come in a variety of sizes from lap-sized blankets to those that fit a king size bed.
  5. Memory Ornaments- we often think that ornaments are only for Christmas trees, however, ornaments are often used throughout the year and are hung on doorknobs, windows, bed frames, and wall hangings. Ornaments offer the bereaved the constant comfort of having their loved one present. These memory ornaments are often made from the clothing remnants from the memory bears or pillows, or from printed fabric that the loved one finds comforting. There are other options for memory ornaments such as glass or plastic filled with glitter and personalized or even made from wood circles that depict your loved one’s picture.

I hope these 5 Gifts Ideas for Those Who Are Grieving brings comfort to you as you go through the grieving process or offers you a variety of ideas for buying a gift for your bereaved loved one. There is numerous bereaved gift option offered through the online marketplace and it is important that you find a gift provider who is ethical and offers quality items.


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