Stephanie Grams

Meet the Creator of ‘My Sewing Needle’

My Sewing Needle is owned and operated by Stephanie Grams. Stephanie knows how hard it is to bear the loss of a child, having lost two children; one through miscarriage and another as a toddler, she understands the grieving process as well as the emotional struggles that come from such a loss.



Learn to sew! After this 8 hour class, the student will master the basics of the machine, sewing techniques and complete a project of choice. This is a beginning level class, but all skill levels are welcome to attend.


  • Work a Sewing Machine
  • Sew a line
  • Pick the right thread
  • Read a pattern
  • Pin and cut out a pattern
  • Make something of the students choice

Materials Required:

  • Sewing Machine*
  • Thread
  • Stick pins
  • Pinky Sheer Scissors
  • A 1-hour pattern of student’s choice

The instructor will provide:

  • Needles
  • Scrap material (but students are welcome to bring in their own scrap picks)
  • Stephanie uses a Brother sewing machine

About the Instructor:

Stephanie grew up fascinated while she watched her mother and grandmother sew. One day while ‘underfoot’ Stephanie’s grandmother handed her some fabric scraps, needle, and thread with a 5-minute hand sewing instruction lesson on how to sew Suffolk puffs (also known as yo-yo’s). Stephanie hasn’t put the needle down ever since that day.

Stephanie’s passion led her to become a sole owner and operator of her own sewing business. She has participated in several events with her talent including church events and events with the performing arts center in her native town of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Today Stephanie offers beginners sewing lessons and sells her folk art and primitive creations online while offering memory bear sewing services to bereaved individuals.







Stephanie’s mission is to “provide sewing services and gifts that have the potential to heal those who are grieving by offering custom memory bears, memory pillows and grief and memorial gift box sets.” With her carefully hand-crafted bereavement products, and her loving and caring manner, Stephanie has been providing the help and support for people from all walks of life who are going through their own heart-breaking loss. She continues this work with the hope that she can make your journey of loss a little bit easier by bringing comfort to those who are on their journey of healing.




Here at My Sewing Needle, we try to make gifts that help the healing process, by offering custom memorial sewing services and gifts that can provide comfort and unconditional love while you navigate this difficult road. When you order a bereavement teddy bear, memory pillow made from your loved one’s shirt, or one of the hundreds of gift baskets from our gift shop.  You’ll get comforting, understanding and compassionate personal services you need during this difficult time.





My Sewing Needle offers a variety of bereavement gifts that are carefully handmade and hand-picked right here in the United States with the goal of providing a source of comfort during your time of healing.

Our memorial gift services are perfect for those of you who have lost a child, husband, wife, parent, grandparent, family member or beloved friend. Our sewing services include memory teddy bears and memory pillows, we also offer carefully hand-picked curated Grief and Memorial Gift Boxes that contain 5-9 items that were near and dear to me as I went through the healing process after losing my daughter, Hannah Grace.


The ‘My Sewing Needle’ Story

The idea of ‘My Sewing Needle’ came about after the loss of Stephanie’s toddler daughter, Hannah Grace, in 2001. Hannah passed away suddenly from Myocarditis at the age of 14-months. Hannah was the youngest of six siblings; four older living sisters and a sibling through miscarriage.

Easter 2001 ~ Five of my six children. Hannah Grace is the baby wearing the bow headband. She passed away November 26, 2001.

Through the journey of grief from both child losses, Stephanie began to seek ways to help other bereaved individuals through her gift and talents of sewing. Having learned how to sew at the age of 7 years old from her mother and grandmother, Stephanie continued to share her love of the art by offering memorial sewing and bereavement gift boxes.


“Often times we feel helpless in knowing how to approach or comfort those who are going through the grieving process,” Grams continues to say, “This is why I feel so strongly about the memorial sewing services and grief gift boxes we offer, these items give you a way to show you care and are available to help the bereaved through their grieving.” Each of our products are carefully hand-picked and designed with the bereaved in mind.



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“This is the bear that ‘My Sewing Needle’ made for me in memory of my husband. I love it and have received so many compliments on it. (I) will cherish it forever. ~ Anna Lee, Ohio (2018)







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