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Memory Bears are Teddy Bears Made from Clothing

What is a Memory Bear?

A memory bear is a stuffed teddy bear made from your favorite clothing or clothing from a loved one that has passed away. Memory bears come in all sizes. The typical size requested is 15″-18″ in length.

How is a Memory Bear Made?

A memory bear, or keepsake teddy bear, is made from a few pieces of your favorite clothing. Most memory bears are made from 3 pieces of clothing or a combination of clothing, ties, and blankets. Your memory bear designer can discuss these details with you before you place and pay for your order.

How long does it take to make a memory bear?

Memory bears can take 7-12 business days depending on the number of memory bears you order. Many people like to place group size orders to save on shipping and many times the memory bear designer will give a discount on large group orders.

Why would I pay for a memory bear when some volunteer for free?

There is a saying that goes, “you get what you pay for” and that means you may never know who the memory bear designer is and may not know what your memory bear will look like until it is delivered to you. There are horror stories of unpleasant looking memory bears being made by volunteers, and the sad truth is, once your favorite piece of clothing is cut, there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Why take the chance on receiving an unsightly memory bear when you could have a beautiful one made for an affordable price?

How do I order a memory bear?

This process of ordering your custom memory bear from Stephanie Grams (My Sewing Needle) is super simple!

  1. You pick out your favorite, freshly laundered clothing (no fabric softener, please)
  2. Shipping them to me with your order form and payment (payments taken through Paypal)
  3. I design and sew your bear according to your request
  4. I ship your bear back to you!

We have a dedicated page for ordering processes and FAQ 

How much is a memory bear?

Our memory bears are frugally priced at $75.00 and INCLUDES SHIPPING  (UNITED STATES ONLY). The memory bear is packaged nicely and ready to be given as a gift (or keep for yourself), shipped via USPS with basic insurance and a tracking number. I will send you the tracking number so you can track your memory bear!

Do you have pictures of your memory bears?

Yes, I have pictures of my memory bears and testimonials!



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Memory Bears made from your favorite clothing made right here in Beaufort, South Carolina. My Sewing Needle is owned and operated solely by Stephanie Grams. Grams has been sewing since her grandma and mother taught her at the age of seven, and hasn’t put the sewing needle down since! You can find Grams selling her OOAK primitive dolls and offering memory bear sewing services year round! Visit Stephanie’s contact page for media inquiries and/or to place an order for a memory bear!