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Memory Bears: How to save money on your orders

Whew! What a month August has been for my family. We moved to South Carolina and are finally unpacking our belongings while trying to get acclimated to the area. I’m excited to see what this winter will be like because last winter we were living in Ohio and let me tell you, it was the worse icy winter I have had in Ohio in years (I was born and raised in Ohio!)

Okay so enough about me, let’s talk to you about another favorite topic of mine….SAVING MONEY on MEMORY BEARS!

I had the nicest person send me a question about pricing and I thought it would be a great idea to share that with you, my readers!


So, typically the price of  (1) memory bear is $75.00 plus shipping and many have asked me about my group pricing and how exactly that works. So, let’s talk!

Group pricing discounts start when you order and pay for three (3) or more memory bears at the same time. Each bear would be $50.00 plus $11.00 shipping (U.S. ONLY)

For easy math let’s say you order 3 bears x $50 each = $150.00 + $11.00 shipping for a grand total of $161.00.

You would print your order form ( located by clicking here) fill it out and include it in the box of clothing. I accept payments via PayPal and will give you that link when you contact me (Stephanie Grams) directly to go over any questions you may have (you can call me or email me).


Great question! Customers like to place the clothing for each bear in a plastic grocery bag and place a piece of notebook paper in the bag with a name, such as “daddy bear” or “pink/blue bear”, etc. Customers typically give each memory bear a name and that’s what I use when creating your custom memory bear keepsake!

Please be sure to visit my Contact Page, FAQ’s page, and Why You Should Trust Me pages 🙂

Until next week, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and that you can find one thing to smile about today ((hugs))



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Memory Bears made from your favorite clothing made right here in Beaufort, South Carolina. My Sewing Needle is owned and operated solely by Stephanie Grams. Grams has been sewing since her grandma and mother taught her at the age of seven, and hasn’t put the sewing needle down since! You can find Grams selling her OOAK primitive dolls and offering memory bear sewing services year round! Visit Stephanie’s contact page for media inquiries and/or to place an order for a memory bear!