Why Trust Us?

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My Sewing Needle is owned and operated by me, Stephanie Grams. I know that trusting a complete stranger with the handling of your loved one’s clothing and blankets is often a struggle for many of my first-time customers. I am hoping that I can help you get to know me, so you can like me, and ultimately trust me!


After the sudden passing of my youngest daughter, Hannah Grace, I become overwhelmed with the reality that the few things she owned were now being stored in a blue storage bin. For the first three years after her passing, I would sleep with her baby blanket tucked under my pillow. I just needed something physical of her’s to hold on to.

Full Circle

I was taught how to sew at 7 years old by my mother and grandmother and grew up selling many of the items I created. Over the past 30+ years, I would make my daughters clothing, design purses, and create one of a kind primitive dolls. Then in 2016, I opened “My Sewing Needle” which is a memorial sewing service business and in 2017 I began incorporating business coaching services to help aspiring, new and/or struggling memory bear sewing business owners. (Visit StephanieGrams.com to schedule)