2019 Sewing Challenges

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Sewing Up a Storm in 2019

I’ve been on the hunt for fun, educational sewing challenges for 2019. Oh wait, I should probably tell you what has been going on in my world thus far.


I accepted a full-time day job working with medical records and it’s been a journey! During this past week I finally closed the doors to my online business management business that I had been running since 2006. Though I’ve taken brief breaks throughout these years, it wasn’t until this week that I finished designed and scheduled my very last clients newsletter. It was bitter sweet but also absolutely necessary in order to move forward with the ‘My Sewing Needle’ business plan.


Saying good-bye to my virtual services business means saying hello to my sewing business. Change is not always without tears, in fact, I have shed quite a few tears over the last few weeks of this new year and you might as well know, I’m not a ‘change is thrilling’ type of person…in fact, change is not something I embrace well. All in all I’m excited to move forward with all of the sewing plans and plan to incorporate more education, outreach and of course, FUN!


I would like to invite you to join my tiny world as I grow from a technical business into a personal business; as I learn how to live in a new State and find my voice among the many in my field of expertise.

Memory Bears made from your favorite clothing made right here in Beaufort, South Carolina. My Sewing Needle is owned and operated solely by Stephanie Grams. Grams has been sewing since her grandma and mother taught her at the age of seven, and hasn’t put the sewing needle down since! You can find Grams selling her OOAK primitive dolls and offering memory bear sewing services year round! Visit Stephanie’s contact page for media inquiries and/or to place an order for a memory bear!

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